Solair Awnings

Turn up the ambience and transform your space with a Solair Awning. Easy to install and customizable to your needs, an awning is a great way to turn your patio or yard into an outdoor paradise everyone can enjoy. Solair Awnings are retractable, providing shade when needed, but also blending into the background when you want to create a more open space.

A Solair awning will transform your overheated deck or patio into the outdoor space you’ve always wanted. One that’s cool, elegant and shaded by beautiful fabric. A perfect atmosphere for entertaining, spending time with family or just chilling out.

Solair awnings are stylish, featuring Sunbrella fabric and a sleek design that creates a design statement outside any home. Unlike other awnings that are often permanently extended, with Solair at the push of a button you can control whether or not you have shade or sunshine.

When the awning is extended, it blocks up to 98% of powerful sun rays and can keep your patio or deck up to 20 degrees cooler. The Sunbrella fabric that makes up the awning has even earned the “Seal of Recommendation” by the Skin Cancer Foundation. So you can rest assured that you are truly being protected from UV rays at the times when you need it most.

While it blocks the sun, this fabric still allows for ventilation, keeping air moving rather than building up under the awning. These features guarantee that you will stay cool and comfortable on your deck or patio space.

Solair awnings aren’t just limited to patio and deck spaces. They can also go over the windows of your home, still with the option to retract to let in sunshine when you want it, but also reflecting and absorbing the heat from the sun’s rays when you want to keep your home cool.